Ivory's Rock and the Inland Rail

Inland Rail & Ivory’s Rock - Update April 2023

You will be interested to know, or have already noticed from widespread media, that there has been a significant development in regards to the Inland Rail project, which is likely to reduce the impacts of the completed rail project on Ivory's Rock.

In late 2022, the new Australian Labor government requested a review of the Inland Rail project. On the 6th of April the Government released the Review Report by Dr Kerry Schott to the public and also announced in its Response that it has accepted all recommendations in this Review.

Reduced impact on Ivory’s Rock:

  • The final route and destination in Queensland of the Inland Rail from Melbourne is now proposed to be from Gowrie (near Toowoomba) to Ebenezer (near Ipswich), resulting in the Inland Rail not passing Ivory’s Rock.
  • However, the current proposed rail line past Ivory’s Rock through to Kagaru (near Beaudesert) is still recommended (separate from Inland Rail) in order to provide a linkage to carry shorter single-stack trains to other distribution points and a link to the existing Sydney-Brisbane rail line near Beaudesert.
  • If this line past Ivory’s Rock does proceed it will not be completed until at least the early 2030s and will have a reduced impact , compared to the original proposal, because of a lower number of trains, which will also be limited to single, rather than double-stacked trains.
  • However this train line would still create considerable impact on Ivory’s Rock, the local community and the natural environment if it proceeds in the future.
While this is encouraging news for Ivory’s Rock, we will continue to monitor developments and to advocate for our interests, and for those of the local community and the protection of the fauna and flora of this beautiful environment
We are grateful for all the support of people around Australia and the world who have helped us to have our voice and concerns heard.

Background information on the overall Inland Rail project:

Key points of the review:

  • The estimated cost of the Inland Rail project has increased from A$16B in A$31B since 2020.
  • The Inland Rail is still considered an important project for Australia to reduce both the number of trucks on the roads (which are steadily increasing) and carbon emissions.
  • Despite this fact, major management and planning issues were  identified in relation to the original project.
  • The overall route remains largely unchanged, except for the changes to the start and end points in Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • Significant additional reviews will be undertaken into many aspects of the project over the next few years.

End of 2023 Update

Key information - 2021

  • The line would pass only 1 km from the closest campgrounds
  • The train line would commence operation around 2027 (6 years away)
  • The number of train movements will steadily increase from about 33 to about 47 per day over a 24-hour period including night-time
  • The trains are very loud and will cause significant noise impact on Ivory’s Rock
  • The most serious impact will be on people’s ability to sleep well in the campgrounds and accommodations, and to enjoy the usually quiet natural environment and outdoor event venues

More details of the impact on Ivory's Rock are here

2021 Submission from Ivory’s Rock Foundation

Ivory’s Rock Foundation made a comprehensive submission with the help of our lawyers and expert consultants. This submission is currently being considered by the OCG and ARTC will have the opportunity to comment on it, along with all other submissions received.

The IRF submission covered key points including:

  • The very serious impact of noise on Ivory's Rock, especially on camping accommodation and the general ambience and enjoyment of the centre, its facilities and the natural environment;
  • That IRCE is dependent on a quiet natural environment for its future;
  • The very high numbers of trains and therefore increased level of impact;
  • That ARTC has not properly considered the unique sensitive environment of IRCE and that noise mitigation barriers should definitely be provided;
  • The potential financial impacts on IRCE and as a consequence the local community and region;
  • The serious and irreversible impact on the natural environment including Koala, Rock Wallaby, and the beautiful mountains of the Teviot Ranges;
  • The serious and irreversible impacts on the local community all along the alignment;
  • The potential impact on Air Quality for SEQ;
  • The lack of adequate and meaningful consultation by ARTC.
This video has been especially made for the Inland rail project.

IRF proposed that:

  •  The Inland Rail should not proceed in this location because of the impacts both on the Calvert to Kagaru section but also on the entire South-East Queensland region;
  • That other routes should be considered as the impacts are too great;
  • That if it does proceed in this location that noise mitigation barriers should be provided to assist with protecting IRCE and residents in the vicinity;
  • That much more consideration and research needs to be undertaken for many areas of the Draft EIS including;
    • Impacts on Flora, Fauna and the natural environment, with particular reference to the Koala population living between Ivory’s Rock and Peak Crossing
    • Air Quality
    • Community impacts including noise, property, health, well-being, and wider social impacts.

Next steps:

Ivory’s Rock Foundation will continue to fight for the best possible outcome for Ivory’s Rock and the local community if the Inland Rail does eventuate.
The Federal Government Senate Enquiry is ongoing and is reviewing all aspects of the Inland Rail and potential alternative routes, including taking the Inland Rail directly from Toowoomba to Gladstone for export goods and having a “freight hub” at Toowoomba or SEQ for goods destined for the SEQ region.

More information:

If you would like more information or would like to offer your expertise or assistance please contact  railteam@ivorysrock.foundation


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